Walking for a healthy heart

by David on January 23, 2014

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Walking is aerobic exercise

There are so many benefits to walking it is hard to list them all.  And if you are a heart attack survivor or if you have related cardio issues, walking is an exercise you can do.  Here are 7 good points about walking.

Walking is very good for healthy heart numbers.  A good walking program can help increase blood flow, decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

1.  I have the perfect place to walk.  Not everyone does, but I have seen more people Heartwalking in very many different places so not having the perfect place is not an excuse.  Find a way.  Find a place, and then work your way up to walking for a healthy heart.  There is a book out that advocates taking 10,000 steps per day.  The good news is–you don’t have to take all those steps at one time.  Get a good pedometer, check your steps, and work your way up to those 10,000 steps.  Benefits of walking include fitness by getting your heart rate up some without too much strain, increased circulation, increased blood flow through your body and extremities, increasing the lung’s ability to take in oxygen, helps reduce body fat, and improves your healthy heart numbers….especially your cholesterol levels.  

And now my dog now insists that we take our daily walk.

2.  Start slowly at first.  Increase your speed some in the middle and toward the end have a cool down period.  I can guarantee you will feel better after a walk.  Many of us have knee problems, knee and hip replacements, foot and other joint problems.  Some days are better than others, but a walk can get you in a better frame of mind in a hurry.  Get started now.

3.  Use a pedometer to count your steps.  Some are fancy and link to your phone.  Some Hearttrack your route and calculate your distance and calories burned.  I recommend starting with something simple and expanding to your level of comfort with technology.  Some of my friends are tech wizards and some don’t even want a smartphone.  All of that is up to you.  I am in the middle the tech part of walking and will be getting a linked device as soon as I can figure out which one I want.  It just makes my walking more interesting.  My dog does not care about the tech toys used in walking at all.

4.  30 minutes a day.  Try for at lease 30 minutes of walking a day.  I try to walk a little more than that now, but I’ve had to work up to it.  I also did not set any speed records when I first started a regular walking regimin.  30 minutes a day is an excellent goal to try for in walking for exercise and health.  Your heart is a muscle and muscles need exercise.  You are doing yourself a world of good by simply walking.  A more efficient heart means a more efficient pump and that is what you are needing.

5.  Walking feels good.  No kidding.  Take a walking break instead of a coffee break or snack break.  I use my daily walk as a time for brainstorming with myself.  I also use it to stop my brain from going 100 miles per hour and turn it into a relaxing time for both me and my dog.  Yes, there really is a big world to observe.  There are also organized fitness walks in most major metro areas.  While most of my life was spent in a rural areas, It does not take long to get to the city anymore and participate with like-minded individuals.

6.  After you commit to a walking program….get a great pair of shoes.  I thought I had Heartsome when I first started, but they nearly trashed my feet….and they were a name brand!  Now I have shoes with a harder sole, but a really cushioned footbed.  These shoes are a real pleasure to walk in and not torture like before.  I bought two pair because I liked them so much.  (L.L. Bean #258499).  There are plenty of choices available from a variety of vendors….take your pick.

7.  Finally….go out and walk down the driveway.  The next day walk past the driveway to the corner.  The next day, walk past the driveway, past the corner to the next block.  The next day, go down the driveway, to the corner, past the next block on around the block back to the driveway……You get the picture.

Just do it….and do it….and do it….and do it….and do it….and do it…and do it…and do it, and do it some more.

Just go do it.  Get healthy. Get walking.  Just do it.



Here is a Starting Place…

by David Werst on January 5, 2012

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Start here for a healthy heart lifestyle

Here is some amazing Healthy Heart Numbers news!

In some of my explanations in the Guide to Healthy Heart Numbers, I say that the App is a “starting point” to good health.  That is because in any self improvement plan, you really need to know where you currently are….so you can determine what needs improvement.

Sounds simple and it is simple.

So, you need to first buy the Healthy Heart Numbers App, for the iPhone by clicking on this link,  or for your Android smartphone by clicking here.  Healthy Heart Numbers App is a cross platform app.

Then you can start entering measurements to determine your own starting point.  You may be purchasing the Healthy Heart Numbers App through a corporate sponsor,  your company, or health care provider wellness program and you can thank them for their concern about your health.

I suggest you look at recommended ranges for all the factors including BMI.  Yes, there are other measurements to use along with BMI and those are really discussed in detail in the member’s area that is to come a little later on, but for now, using the BMI measurements is what it is…..a good starting point.

If your phone is an Android, please know that App is coming soon.  Go ahead and start without the update and keep a file folder with your information.  List all your meds, your weight and BMI, waist measurements.  Go ahead and get your blood lipid profile done and you will be way ahead of the game to good health.

Some measurements you can enter right away.  These factors include:

  • Medications
  • blood pressure
  • waist circumference
  • and weight

You can get to work on these factors right away.  Since I have announced that I will also be involved in this program from day 1, I have included my factors also.   The photo at left is my waist circumference and is just one of the factors involved.  I measured a full 48″ right over my belly button.  I relaxed my belly, did not hold my breath,  and took the measurement.  Do I wear a size 48  pants?  No, I wear a size 38.  But my true waist size is 8″ over the maximum recommendation of 40″ for a man.  The recommended ranges are under 40″ (102 cm) for men and under 35″ for women (88 cm).

No wonder my BMI is way out of whack.  Go to the About Us page in the top tab to see all my personal numbers and the date they were taken.

No, you don’t have to email me your measurements, but you certainly can if you want to do so.  Just make a comment to this post and enter your first name and your measurements if you so desire.

Not everyone has regular blood tests to determine the next factors, but they are important so you will want to get them done as soon as possible.  And did you know you do not have to get a doctor’s permission to have a blood test?  In many communities, there are labs that perform such tests for a fee.  Of course the very small town I live in does not even have a doctor or hospital, but down the road 25 miles there is such a place.  Search the internet for one, or make an appointment with your doctor.

Here are the tests you will need:

  • LDL Cholesterol
  • HDL Cholesterol
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Tryglicerides
  • and Glucose levels

Enter the data and the Healthy Heart Numbers App will track these for you and show your progress.  Of course, you won’t have a blood test every day, week or even month in most cases like tracking your weight, but a blood lipid profile every quarter is a good starting place.

There you have it.  This is your starting point.

Next up, we will talk about your diet, exercise, and weight loss plan.  It all ties into making your numbers look better.  And yes, I’ll have a report on how I am doing.  You all are my accountability partners.